Automated machine design and manufacturing
from concept through installation

Mascara Cap Robot
Mascara Bottle Cap Insertion Machine

PRECISION MACHINE Design and Engineering provides turnkey engineering services for automation.

An example of our latest automation design is the bottle cap insertion machine, shown at left, which we designed and built for the cosmetics industry.

This fully automated machine inserts caps into mascara bottles in less than one second. Caps are randomly delivered on a conveyer and the robot picks them up and places them into the escape mechanism. That mechanism then inserts the cap into the bottles with a vertical air cylinder (also shown in second video).

PRECISION MACHINE Design and Engineering will design and build your custom cap insertion machine or any other automation systems for your specific needs.

We will improve your manufacturing processes through:

  • lower cycle times
  • machine repeatability
  • tooling flexibility/universal capability
  • turnkey engineering services
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